iPhone Developer

by Rakesh

June 17, 2013


The use of smartphones has changed the way people communicate and iphone definitely started this trend. iphone has changed the way we communicate drastically, especially through its applications which were mainly used for entertainment at start, but now covers a wider range of areas and industries. This has opened numerous opportunities in the form of applications to developers all across the world. This tends to easily permit the user to impressively mix in different functions on the same user interface. Also, developers with no extensive knowledge of application development can develop iphone applications due to the easy to follow iphone SDK steps, but however expertise on iOS is required. What makes the iPhone to be a market leader among smart phone brands? Well, this is a simple question with clear cut and satisfactory answers! It is certainly its technical encroachment which proved to be the ultimate in its positioning as top in mobile phone market. iphone has the most attractive features of a smart phone such as digital multimedia touch screen, high resolution digital camera with finest picture clarity, high speed internet browsing features, most efficient networking facility, and moreover the most sophisticated look and appearance—all makes it the most preferred and sought after mobile phone of our time! With many changes are taking place in the field of smart phone, there witness a steady growth in application development. Programmers are involving with iPhone application development like never before. Whether it is a commercial need or a mere personal requirement, it proved to be the best convenient method and this situation has paved the way for creativity in the field of application development. Many iPhone application developers have been considering this as a serious job and engaging seriously into it. Well, it can be a successful endeavor if they can follow the guidelines strictly.

Course Plan

  • Course Start Date

    June 17, 2013

  • Course Program

  • Eligibility:

    BE/MCA/MSC for full-time programme

  • Call Now:

    +91 90 11 05 78 96

  • 01
  • Subject Title
  • Instructor
  • Credit Hours
  • Detail
  • 1
  • Introduction to Objective C
  • 2
  • Interface Building and XCode
  • 3
  • View Controller
  • 4
  • Table View Controller
  • 5
  • Navigation and Interface Builder
  • 6
  • User Inputs and Alerts
  • 7
  • Camera and Picture Library
  • 8
  • GPS Usability and Map Kit
  • 9
  • Data Management

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